Privacy Statement

The privacy statement should describe how the company behind the Web site is committed to protecting the users or visitors integrity. The privacy statement should describe how data is collected and used on the Web site.

Handling Personal Information

Describe in general how the personal information is handled on the Web site.

Use of Your Personal Information

Could contain information about how information is handled that is filled in Web forms, providing registration details or, in any other way, providing with personal information.

Access to Your Personal Information

Describe how the user and visitor can review and edit the personal information provided at registration.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Inform the users and visitors how the Privacy Statement will be maintained and updated.

Contact Information

Give an email address for the users and visitors to use for more detailed information.

Privacy Policy

Describe how the Web site uses cookies. Note that users must be notified that the Web site uses cookies, what their purpose is and how they can be blocked.

Example of information

On this Web site, cookies are used in the following instances:

If you are not logged in and respond to/submit a form, a cookie will be sent as a reminder to your computer that you have submitted the form.

When you log in, cookies are used to store your login information. If cookies are blocked during login, the login dialog box will appear for each new page that requires authentication.


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